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Entering Dates in Business Central

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can enter dates in various ways depending on the context and the specific data entry field. Here are some common ways to enter dates in Business Central:

Manual Entry:

  • You can manually type in the date in the designated date fields. The format typically follows the regional settings configured for your Business Central instance. For example, if the regional setting is set to the United States, the date format might be MM/DD/YYYY.

Date Picker:

  • For almost every date field, there is a date picker tool that allows you to select a date from a calendar. Clicking on the date field may open a small calendar, and you can choose the desired date.

Shortcut Phrases:

  • Business Central often supports shortcut phrases for date entry. For example:
    • “T” or “TODAY” might represent the current date.
    • “Y” or “YESTERDAY” might represent yesterday’s date.
    • “M” or “MONTH” might represent the first day of the current month.

Relative Dates:

  • Some date fields may support relative date expressions. For instance, you might be able to enter “1W” to represent one week from the current date.

Date Formulas:

  • In certain situations, you can use date formulas for calculations. For example, you might use “=TODAY()+5” to represent the date five days from today.

Date Filters:

  • When working with lists or reports, you may encounter date filters that allow you to specify a range or specific dates for data retrieval.


  • You can also copy dates from other sources and paste them into Business Central. Ensure that the date format matches the expected format in Business Central.

Always be mindful of the date format configured in your Business Central instance and adjust your date entries accordingly. Additionally, it’s a good practice to refer to the documentation or user guides specific to your version of Business Central for any date entry conventions or features that may be unique to that version.

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